Lighting Beyond Senses :: Perception and Motion

Veronika Mayerböck

_ My workshop is dedicated to the relationship between seeing and moving.

7A / Foyer (LV.0)

March 23, 9.30 am to 1.00 pm

The key to our experience is the sensorium of our body with all its senses. We “feel” with our eyes and “see” with our legs. Light as a medium of design accompanies our perception of space, it stages glances and guides the viewer, illustrates, makes details readable, “translates” what it has seen. This main principle is accompanied by project examples dedicated to “understanding“space along different levels and spanning a range of applications from lighting technology to “art lighting” , interactive technologies and installation. Sensitizing 1:1 interventions happen as a compact workshop prior to the lecture. I invite you to connect yourself with surrounding space and my lecture in a very different way than you are used to.


Lucy Suggate. Dancing Museums. National Gallery 2016. Photo: Hugo Glendinning.