Light Pollution: A Global Discussion

Etta Dannemann

7A / 1.106 / Auditorium (LV.0)
March 25, 9.30 am to 11.00 am
_ The roundtable will focus on the excessive use of artificial light and its impact.

The research project “Light Pollution: A Global Discussion” explores current expert perspectives and aims to further the discussion about artificial lighting and light pollution at an international level. The aim is to identify debates and common problems in the fields of lighting and light pollution mitigation and share them broadly to raise awareness for the topic.

The e-book “Light pollution – A Global Discussion” is available online and free of charge at

_ Please think about a light conflict and bring some material to describe it.

Helmholtz Center for Enviromental Research

PHOTO: Cover (detail) of “Light Pollution: A Global Discussion”.