In Mary’s Footsteps

Women Working With Light

Bettina Pelz

7B / 2.209 (LV.2)
March 25, 9.30 pm to 1.00 pm
_ The roundtable will focus on women working with light as artists, architects, designers and engineers.

Martina Tritthart:
I believe it is important to make the work of women visible in general. Most of us still do most of the housework and take care for our kids but we also not only have a dream, we really work hard for it. As a female artists our reality and acceptance in society is difficult, because most of the people believe that art is a hobby, especially if we cannot make a living from it. Our day jobs all too often have nothing to do with our main interests, but need a lot of attention too. Therefore my wish is a decline of the exploitation of female power and decline of the exploitation of female artists in particular. Working with light often means that there is no object to look at and to sell. Instead a light-based artwork can create a spatial situation, that can make the recipient get aware of his or her own perception or a specific situation and therefore have a positive influence on his or her live and on society. Maybe an award could help to improve our situation?

Dana Bandau:
Women use your talent and your intuition!


Light Collective: Women in Lighting
Elizabeth Donoff: Women in Lighting Design. Architectural Lighting Design. May 13, 208.


Dana Bandau, Lighting Planer
Eva Henschkowski, Light-, Stage- and Costume Designer
Britta Hölzemann, Journalist with focus on lighting design and technology
Carolin Liedke, Researcher with focus on lighting technology and culture of light
Bettina Pelz, Curator and researcher with focus on light and media in fine arts
Martina Tritthart, Artist and researcher with focus on light in fine arts
Anke von der Heide, Artist and curator with focus on media art
Claudia Wissmann, Artist with focus on light art


The title “In Mary’s Footsteps” refers to the American concert pianist Mary Hallock-Greenewalt. She produced the earliest hand-painted films known to still exist. One hundred years ago she developed an instrument to work with light and color called “Sarabet“. Also an inventor, she patented nine inventions related to her instrument, including the “rheostat“.

Women in Lighting and Design. March 2019.