Adri Schokker and T.S. Anna

Hochschule Wismar / Lindengarten
23 March, 9.30 am to 1.00 pm

Tree D Scan workshop will be a 3-hour exploration of different 3D scanning techniques on the one side and our relation to the surrounding nature on the other side. The act of 3D scanning will serve as a method to engage and rediscover nature around us and to open a dialogue about our changing relationship with the complex ecosystems that we are part of.

Our mission is to conduct observations as well as to get involved in playful interactions with the trees in the park while we will 3D scan them (by hand) as thoroughly as possible.

You will be introduced to the techniques of photogrammetry and the use of different sensors like the ZED camera and the Intel Realsense camera as tools for scanning. While scanning we will ask you to do a series of observations and make notes of your findings.

After the scanning process, we will process all the scans and have a short discussion about our findings. The aim is to conclude the workshop with a simple blueprint for successful Tree D Scanning.

This workshop takes place as a part of a larger artistic research project called “The Forest” by Adri Schokker and T.S. Anna.